When the tough gets going

Many things have happened in life that we dunno where to place that. The good, bad, and ugly. But how do we know what actually is good , bad or ugly? 

People come into our life, some to stay, some to go, some to fulfil the purpose in your life. But I've come to realise that People who come to go place with marks on the table of your heart. They don't just go. It's traditional. Some things in your life have a link to the times in your life.

People who have come to fulfil a purpose in your life are there for limited times. Once their time is up, they are gone. You can't retrace that. Don't even try to build it. They are gone but you can never ever forget their deeds in your life.

Those who come to stay are naturally those who help you manage those deposits in you, those who help you to realise what gain or productiveness those deposits should bring.

They shouldn't deter your life nor reduce your virtues, rather They should help you implement those things you have learnt with time.

Friendship is a mutual thing. Many people dont understand this. "you add, i add" the world becomes better, it shouldn't be a one way thing, or it becomes deterring

At every point in time, when we meet people and all they do is get a minus from you, never adding, then It's futile.

Overtime, I've learnt to figure out what i gain from all my friendships with people and so i get them categorically. I get different things from different people and so it is almost impossible to find me always clinging unto a particular friend.

Versatility is what I've learnt, developed and showed. You learn time you're find, fortunately, you can never be filled. As time goes on you meet people and learning continues!

Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.

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