Abayomi Adeola, 22, is a young lady who is driven, sassy, focused and intelligent.

She loves to put her heart into whatever responsibility and never shys away from doing the right thing at the right time in all discipline. Her desires and ability to leverage on opportunities is sin qua non. She takes opportunities and gets the best out of it to improve herself and grade high in self development.

She attended United Missionary Comprehensive College in Ibadan where she developed her skills in acting and writing and then moved on to Obafemi Awolowo University to pursue a career in Law- Legal studies. She is currently in her fourth year.

She has certifications in Video Marketing, Content Development and Business Strategy & Analysis.

Adeola is a daughter to respectable parents who have taught her to be contented and help others in whatever ability and in this wise, she runs a charity organization that started since she was 18 and has impacted over 15,000 children and teenagers all over.

She runs three businesses and sternly believes there is nothing she cannot do. She's a Brand Developer at KoloNigeria- a digital savings platform and the Director of Programs at Lady with Balls Community- a platform for women with great aspirations to be better and confident.

Adeola has authored three books- Bruisewort, Like A Pro and From the Ashes, plus a handful articles on different platforms. She is also a Columnist on the Business Buzz Series by NELOC Media News When she's not traveling and building herself, she's cooking beans or attending classes.