My Story By Bose Akinola

Bose Akinola is a nollywood actress and a producer with both national and international recognition. She has produced several numbers of movies; FERANMI,IYAWO OLORIN,LOOGUN OFE,IDAJO OWO,EEPA,ANIKE KOLOBA etc.
She is happily married and blessed with four children.

I am Bose akinola,thank you for hosting me.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it on the 10th. I was busy,that was why I requested for another date.
I really hope my story is going to motivate someone in this place.
I was raised by my grandma, I use to call her 'Iya Olobi'.Here in Ibadan,Olunloyo precisely.

I attended Omoyeni primary school.I don't know if any of you knows that school.My mother was and is still a business woman,she sells wood,'pako' in Yoruba.
Growing up in an area like olunloyo,the only thing I was exposed to is 'how to sell woods'. Apart from my studies 'pako' was the only thing I know about. I decided to share this part so that you will know that your background has nothing to do with where God is taking you.
After my secondary school, Adekile grammar school.I took wood selling as if it was my life,And since I was a lady,I was hoping that from there a man will just come and take me from there. So as at then,I had taken wood selling as my carrier.

After some years , a man actually came,who happens to be my husband today. And he married a professional wood seller.
Fast forward to 1998, after I gave birth to my last born,life as they would say began to throw things at my family.The money that was coming in from myself and my husband was no longer enough to cater for our family needs.
So I decided to add recharge card to my pako business,that's the spirit of a hustler.

I believe God has known that my woods won't be able to make me what he wants me to be. On this faithful day,when I was still nursing my last born 'tosin', I accidentally came across some set of people called ANTP.

And something arouse my interest when I saw them ,hustler now,I felt like, 'I can do what they are doing now'.So I walked up to one of them to make enquiry  and I was told the steps to joining the association.If the money I am getting from woods won't sustain me anymore,let me try my luck in nollywood industry.

It was challenging at the earlier stage I must confess,because of my little boy,he is not as grown as the others,but since I got my husband's support I decided to take a bold step.
One advantage I would say I had then is that myself and my husband are no longer planning to have any other child afterwards ,because one of the challenges I also had is the issue of 'actress are always dating their manager,and all sort'.

ANTP for those of you that don't know means ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA THEATRE ART PRACTIONALS.

If God is involved in what you are doing ,you will only need to struggle less,If God is involved in what you are doing ,you will only need to struggle less.
The wood seller began to show on TV.
The people that knew me as the wood seller were my first set of fans. So I was glad I sold woods.
So I would say please enjoy whatsoever you are doing right now.

Then as time passed I began to feature with the topmost actors and actress,and I also decided to start producing my own movie,The dots began to connect.
I got my car not to long after that time.I hope you will permit me to share some of my achievements.

Today,I have featured in uncountable number of movies today,produced over 20movies,some of them was what they put on the design they made for me,acting has taken me to different places in the world,I have been to Dubai,New York,London,South Africa,UK,turkey and so on. Won several awards from different people,states and countries. Today i am the current chairperson of TAMPAN local government.
I am doing fine in the industry today by the grace of God,like I said earlier I am married and blessed with 4 children.Before I stop,I just want to advise every ladies and women here,Or there is no lady here?

Thank you,No one chose my carrier for me,I did it for myself.I could have remained a wood seller and still be doing fine,but I took a decision which I believe God helped me to,that changed my life forever. Stop thinking kitchen,I know you will get married one day,but think about it if your husband finds you a virtuous woman.

The kind of value you place on yourself will attract the kind of guy that will approach you.
If you are a liability ,a liability will approach you,So please,keep adding value to yourself,and make your future husband  to be proud of you when he meets you.

And for everyone,keep doing for what your hand finds doing now,who knows, it may be what God is going to use to connect you to where He really wants you to be. Thank you very much for hearing my story.

You can follow me on Instagram, @akinboss.I love everyone here.
And i hope to see one you one day and see you doing fine in what you are doing. I hope to hear your story too.
Thank you!

Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.


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