My Story By Ademuyiwa Ademola

Anchor: can we meet you sir. 

Mr. Authentic: Just like our anchor said, Here is Muyiwa Ademola Authentic. Born into a royal family, The Ademolas, from Egba, Abeokuta, Ogun state. My mother is from Kwara state. I started this job over 26 years ago under the tutelage of PA Charles Olumo popularly known as Agbako. Though I grew up in Ibadan. In fact I have spent over 40 years in Ibadan‬. So I do call myself "EGBA'BADAN (The fusion of the 2) Went to Christ Church School mapo v, Elekfuro ibadan,St David's High school, Molete, Ibadan. One of the greatest universities on the planet‬, The University of Ibadan‬ and Obtained a Diploma in Adult Education and Community development. Went ahead to obtain my B.Ed in the same discipline. No 5 in the family of 8. I'm married to a beautiful woman and blessed with wonderful kids. I'm a film writer, actor, producer and director. I'm also a school founder. I have been to various countries to either pick awards, shoot film or attend film seminars. I love filmmaking... Once again thank you all 

What are the challenges you faced and did you overcome them? 

Mr. Authentic: Thanks hugely Mr Moderator Mr. Authentic‬: 26 yrs ago, it's quite a difficult thing to convince one's parents that you would love to be a theater practitioner. Then, we are been seen as drop outs, Nonentities, Cast outs, Bunch of unserious people, Etc. So convincing my strict father was almost impossible. He was a church elder and he believed his son shouldn't do it. It took me 4 years to actually convince him. I joined the industry as a writer. I have been writing at the tender age of 6. Getting somebody to turn my stories to film was quite a challenge. It's different from now when a distant uncle, a loyal Friend, a loved one can finance your efforts.‬ And as at now, you all know the biggest problem facing the world of filmmaking is “PIRACY”, I pray we overcome it. 

Mr. Authentic: Thanks Anchor: Amen 

Anchor: My question to Prominent actor Muyiwa Ademola is have read about him on a popular news paper in the past where he got interviewed. He mentioned that the carrier he wanted to choose before is to be a medical doctor. Why didnt he pursue that line? you can be a medical doctor and still be acting 

Mr. Authentic: Thanks for the question Mr. Authentic: One, it's quite difficult to be a filmmaker and something else, Filmmaking takes almost all, It consumes you. Besides, I'm not just an actor but a filmmaker. I did sciences while in secondary school. I was the Health Prefect so I treated students with minor injuries. We went to different seminars so as to enable us learn so much more then, but my passion was somewhere else. All this while I have been a writer, so I couldn't forge ahead with sciences as my father wanted it. I went for where my "ORI" wants me to be “Filmmaking” Mr. Authentic: Thanks Anchor: Thank you sir Anchor: And here is another one sir from another person: Your old movies Ori and Ile how can we get them and what inspired him to write this 2 movies in less than 2 years? Mr. Authentic: Hmmmmmm.... Mr. Authentic: Everything around me inspires me, Nature, A crawling baby, A violent husband, A loving wife, A suffering grandmother, A brilliant sister, Everything. Mr. Authentic: For ORI, I have gotten that notion that what would be would always be, No matter what. For ILE, I wanted to discourage people from seing Europe, America and co as the only places where they can make it in life. I then strongly believed NIGERIA is enough for us to become whatever we want to become if we put the same effort we put when we go abroad. Though it's rather unfortunate that NIGERIA kept proving someone like me wrong. Thanks Anchor: Deep!\ Anchor: Thank you sir Anchor: Here is another one: Sir please my question is, I heard actors/actress in film making industry only have fame and not Money. How true is that? Secondly. How can you make money in the movie industry? Mr. Authentic: Hmmmmmm.... Mr. Authentic: Not far from being the truth. The fame comes in geometric progression while money/resources do come in arithmetic progression, in this type of situation living up to the standard of that fame would be a mirage.‬ About 60% of practitioners are not doing well. The industry has not been having the full support of our government and other bodies. Though it is getting better or it could get better with this digital age and the reawakening of Cinema culture. Mr. Authentic: How can you make money?..... Hmmm.... because the Yoruba film industry evolved from the "Alarinjos", More of people with talents‬, It was seen less as a business. So our father’s then didn't pay so much attention to its business aspect. But now things have changed. We have the Kunle Afolayan if this world, The Mo Abudu of this world raking in millions with films like October 1 and the wedding. All you need to do is to come up with concepts that can sell, Unique and authentic. People would buy into it, So many people want to sell their products, they keep looking for platforms. Create a platform and get the marketing done. For example a good platform is this!(True Spirituality). Getting a group of people together. Participants here can run into several thousand or even millions in the future. Think, conceptualize, strategize and make your money... Mr. Authentic: Thanks Anchor: That's right sir Anchor: Yes Sir, Thank you sir Another one sir: Who is the best director you have worked with so far? Mr. Authentic: Hmmmm...... Mr. Authentic: So many of them Mr. Authentic: Still looking foward to work with so many great ones like Tade Ogidan, Uzu Ojukwu and co. But I have worked with virtually almost all of the best brains we have in directing in the industry. Thanks Anchor: Thank you so much sir Anchor: Another one: How have you been able to manage your spiritual life with the nature of what you do in the industry? Mr. Authentic: Spirituality is subjective... I have seen a killer that stays in the church than even bible, I have heard of a professional killer that observes his 5 time prayer in Islamic way... I talk to my God always, I sin and He forgives me, I go to church when I'm privileged to do so. Though it's quite difficult with the nature of my job. Nevertheless, I can't leave God because He is “INSPIRATION”. How can you part way with the person that gives you all? I believe in KARMA, You make people weep you shall weep! You make people laugh, laughter shall never stop in your abode! Thanks Anchor: Hmmm, Thank you sir. Here is another: My question is How do you manage your time between sets, traveling and filmmaking with having time for your family? Mr. Authentic: “TIME” The first sacrifice anybody that wants to get married to an artiste should consider giving. It has not been easy. But I have the most pleasant family. That's why most awards won by artistes are being dedicated to their spouses. They sacrifice a lot. The kids sacrifice too, but when I'm not on location , I would be home with my family. No clubbing, No keeping late night buddies, I try to make it up, but I give it to my family. It's not easy. Thanks. Anchor: here’s another one. How was it like penetrating the movie industry from the part of a script writer, you know people see the industry has actor based not really giving credit to the brains behind the birth of such movies? Mr. Authentic: Yes... it's like that in Nigeria, not other parts of the world. It's so difficult to change‬, but with persistent effort and enormous creativities, a writer would be reckoned with. The talent has to be huge, like that of Sharafadeen Olabode and co. Anchor: Few more to go Sir. Here is another one Sir, is there any plan from the industry to train those of us who have the talent or writing and acting? Mr. Authentic: Different ways Mr. Authentic: You can join the association Mr. Authentic: TAMPAN Mr. Authentic: You can go to groups and schools by your mentors‬. E.g., I have a drama school, registered in Nigeria and situated in Ibadan, Femi Adebayo has a school as well, Ojopagogo too has his all situated in Ibadan. Funke Akindele has her’s in Lagos, Odun ifa caucus belongs to Yinka Quadri, Ogogo, Abey Lanre and Kaka, while Odun Adekola has one in Abeokuta my hometown well. Mr. Authentic: Thanks Anchor: Thank you sir Mr. Authentic: You are most welcome Anchor: 2 more to go sir; Is there anyway people can reach you(with the exception of Whatsapp) either for mentorship or for several other reasons? Mr. Authentic: 08110340189, 09035527864. Mr. Authentic: You can call or send me messages via any of those lines, or message me via my IG acct, @muyiwaademolaauthentic Mr. Authentic: Thanks Della: Thank you sir! We love you Mr. Authentic: You are all welcome Mr. Authentic: I love you too, and I appreciate you Mr. Authentic: I need to specially appreciate the effort of Akinyinkar. Thanks for your patience, Consistency and understanding. Mr. Authentic: You are graciously welcome, I appreciate you tooπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Anchor: Thank you sir Mr. Authentic: You are most welcome Akinyinkar. Mr. Authentic‬: Love you all Mr. Authentic: I shall continue to contribute my own little quota, I just hope it is enough. Love you all. Mr. Authentic: Bye Della: Awwn! I feel like I've made it for a Grammy award! Della: Mr Ademuyiwa Ademola, On behalf of the Admin and members of True Spirituality, with profound gratitude and uninterrupted and heartfelt thankfulness, we're so grateful for taking time out to talk to us. We must say sincerely that your story has blessed us. We pray that God increases you, your family and your industry. Thank you so much sir. Akinyinkar(Anchor): Thank you so much for honoring our invitation sir, we do not take it for granted. 


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