We Can't Even Kiss

I love Michael, but Michael seems too handsome. Most times when we take a stroll, the species of girls who greet him makes me worried. The fat, slender, light, dark, chocolate, gentle and 'giri giri' ones. What do I do. 

There was a time we went to an eatery sef at Allen and a girl greeted him sitting on his laps before Michael could tell her to stand up, my psychological mind was on a destructive mission already. 

Who'd believe that Michael will get married to such a simple girl like me. I mean, I don't do most of the things 'those girls' do. 

At least, I don't 'sashe'. Plus, I'm a virgin. Michael would rather think I might not be good in bed. I try to convince him that the Holy Spirit will teach us but he's like 'Will Holy Spirit have sex with you and you'll become another Mary? '. 

I don't blame him. He's been in the world for so long and so being a Christian and remaining 'Sexually pure' again became a huge problem.

 'Tope! You can't even kiss me! Are we going to remain like this until marriage? Ehn!' He says almost every time we bade goodbye after an outing. 

I love Michael. 
I don't want to lose him. But I want to remain sexually pure. What do I do?! 
"Michael! Michael! Michael!" I called out to him after he stormed out due to a thick argument we just had. 

I want to remain sexually pure. I want to wait until my wedding day. Funny enough, Michael and I had a jotter plan of our shopping, the dates, budget, etc. Where do I start from if he breaks this relationship?

I forgot to say that Michael is a movie star and I was a Christian Blogger and fashionista. Many times, Michael finds my fashion sense 'wow' and he helps we with the modeling directing and studio arrangements. He's the best man you could think to have. The only problem I had with him was keeping my Virginity. 

"My Virginity is my pride!" I said during an argument we had when I met Michael in his house and he complained of being horny. Well, Konji na bastard. I agree with those who say so. I knew it was hard for him but... I dunno. 

Michael, I hope you're reading this now, I love you and I want to be with you forever but we need to share our values. We need to see life in the same direction. Love me with the love of God. 

Remember Aunty Clara's relationships that never worked because the family of her husbands needed her to walk into the marriage pure, and those same men disvirgined her. 

I know your culture is different but I understand the kind of person your mother is too. She upholds Virginity. Please bear this with me. Let's carry this cross together. Let's make a fish fly together. 

Let's remain sexually pure.  


Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.


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