My Letter To Him (1)

My Love, 

I wish I could gather my thoughts together. The thoughts that you are be gone for long. You tear me apart thinking of what trauma the distance would bring. I'm sure it's all for our good. Always remember that I love you with the whole of my heart and will wait for you even if it'd take a lifetime. 

I remember you really loved that I communicate with you everyday even physically and emotionally. 

You left already, to a place I know right but it'd take a long time before we meet again. You said we'd get married immediately I'm there and There'd be a great party. I can't wait. What's the news I hear that I'm not the only bride?

That you didn't go for just me? Well, I don't mind. I'd give them a chance but please, reserve my photo space with you. 

I like pepper and so for the wedding over there, the caterers should be careful to put enough pepper. 
What's the rumour I hear that they don't eat food there? That we'd just be singing? 

Are we going to turn choristers? 
Is Brother Frank still going to be the choir master there? 
And won't we for once go hungry? 
I also heard there are great mansions there? 
Is it true that we'd never die too? 

I'm excited. 
Come and take us already! This place is sure not as nice as that place you're in. 

Do they have photographers with studio there because I love to take pictures too. 

My Love, please reply my letter as soon as possible. 

Your Love. 

Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.

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