My First Meeting With Buhari

I was called as early as 4am for a conference meeting scheduled by 6am. Of course, I was still awake at that time (I work at night too). I mean, it's not easy to be in the National Assembly and still be an enterpreneur. My nights suffered for this. 

I got to the conference center at Garki in Abuja around past 5am. I'm really a good driver and especially when I'm on the wheels of a Serena car, I'll suddenly turn a wheel witch. 

I quickly adjusted my top and skirt when it seemed like my tuck was not in enough. 

Pftt! It was the sound of the sole of my shoe, it went off already! Lord! What do I do? I just called Debra, my maid at home, to get me another shoe from home and that took up to 30 minutes. The time was 5:46am. 

I changed my shoe, entered the hall and it was cold though. I didn't wear suit that day jare. Lo and behold I saw Buhari. He's not really dark, average height, looking like a smile was set on his face and with his usual wears we see on TV. 

Mehn! I could not believe my very eyes. Who'd believe a whole me will see the president? Well, I'll just make sure I take a selfie with him and Instagram will hear. 

We shook hands, we talked about a whole lot of things especially the situation of the country and Baba told me of the great plans he has for Nigeria and how much he trusts God to help him. I felt this strong love for God in every sentence he made. 

He commended my great efforts as a woman, getting to the National Assembly and being a renowned enterpreneur who has made exploits on various sides. He said emphatically "Be strong, enemies don't like the waves you're making. Show them that you're not just one '  lady(till now, I don't know what that means!)" 

 I suddenly felt a hot slap at my back! "Fola! Get up from the bed! The school bus is waiting already!" 

Oh no! It was just a dream!

Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.

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