God still talks to people about this!

I have been in love with Matt for years.
While I was studying Mass Communication, he was the best student in the Department of Communication and Performing Arts of Bowen University, same institution as mine.
Epitome of Excellence, beauty and Godliness… #gbam
I felt tingling in my heart as he proposed to me last week over a meal at shoprite, RingRoad, Ibadan.
It was a shock, and stammering, I gave a confident ‘yes’
I woke up as early as 4am the following day and sitting up, I stared at the platinum ring he had proposed with the day before- if I don’t wear rings, I could as well admire it and smile happily.
I decided to have my morning devotion.
I knelt down, sang with great enthusiasm.
Then it was time for me to pray with a particular song that I sing everyday.
The lyrics:
Not what I wished to be,
Nor where I wished to go,
For who am I , that I should choose my way
The Lord shall choose for me Its better, that I know
So, let Him bid me go or stay!
It was a bomb! I am by His grace, an ardent listener of His and I know how He speaks to me.
Then I heard Him say:
“Daughter! He’s ur choice, not mine.
If you know my will for you, then you will know Matt is not even up to the half”
I cried! If not Matt, who else in this world? Oh dear God! I was sad!
“I will console you dearie, you will know him in a day. Just pray submissively for hours till your pride and desires die, and mine is upheld in your heart”
Then I poured myself out. Once I became emptied of self, I saw clearly! So clearly and plainly that i wanted to swallow myself. God why?
Why should this happen to me? Why should it be this guy! How could this miserable guy be better than Matt! I am in soup!
I hate to fall into God’s wrath for disobedience but Dave! That Dave! Bro Dave is a new member in our district. I met him at the Iwo Road Tantalizers. He was so cute in his well sown ankara prints. We discussed on and on until he asked me to help him up. I didn’t grab until i saw his right leg, in braces with crutches across the wall. He had a very bad leg. I felt bad for him. His wife would try o! I muttered to myself. Now, the wife is to be me!
I cried bitterly. I bound and cast to no avail. It’s Dave!
The more I cried and covered my ears, the more I saw clearly, so crystal clear.
Its Dave not Matt! What do I do?
If you were the one in my shoes, what would you do? My body tells me: “No”, my spirit says “Yes”!
I have been through the pains and rigours of a temporal bad leg but a seemingly permanent one being my head?!
No! its unimaginable!

I cried that night to the extent that the tissue paper on the floor could almost make a rug!
I checked my phone and i had missed Matt’s call for 50 times.
As i checked the message folder, i saw his message
“LizBae, I am missing you so dearly. Whats wrong with you? I hope u are safe o. I guess u are praying. Remember that after His love, its mine after. I really love u. I am teary now pls call as soon as you get my message” My heart missed a beat. This boy doesn’t know what i am going through right now. I craved for his sweet baritone voice.
My phone beeped again. I picked it and checked the message. It was from Mummy Balogun, one of my favorite confidants.
“Liz, do whatever He asks you to do. He can’t be wrong. You alone can be! ”
#Gbam! This was like fuelling the fire. Who told her about me? I haven’t told anyone yet about my struggles, not even Matt, so what’s this!
As i walked into the sitting room, my aged grandma asked me to sit. She looked into my eyes so deeply that i was weak down in my knees.
“Nobody is too ugly, poor, stupid, disabled to be your husband, if God leads you.
Dont struggle with Him o ” she said in her deep ijesha accent.
At this point, i fell to the floor and beat it hard. I cried out with a shriek while Mama only watched on with a pity.
“God its you talking shae! I know already.
Stop talking. Do you want me to run mad. Its too much. I am not ready for marriage sef, let it stop”
I hit the floor hard with such finality that the blood in my hand ceased from flowing for a few seconds.
I was already sinning. I was frustrated to the extreme.
I had always obeyed God’s will, but now, my pride wont allow me!
Carrying my Bible, i set off for Obatayo District where i attended. I made up my mind that i would pray so hard when i get there.
Then i promised
“God, i am sorry for my untoward behavior.
As i am in church now, its a busy day but the first person to enter this church, i will agree to marry. Either Matt or Dave”
I started praying. I perspired for hours, sincerely crying to God. After about 3hours, as i rounded off, glad no one came, i confidently said:
“For in Jesus’ Name have I prayed”
I heard, almost seven times confident than mine, a resounding ‘Amen’
… Matt…. Matt’s here. That’s his voice.
I turned back with great expectations and wide smile but no!
Why oh Lord! This guy again!
I charged at him with disgust
“What do you want from me?
Are you kinda devilish? Please get thee behind me. Must you follow me about!”
I fell to the ground again with great disappointment.
God really means this business o!
As i shook under the shock, a very confident, muscular hand reached my shoulder.
Oh how I love muscular men! But who is it?
I turned again to find Dave looking at me with pity. It was his hand.
“You are finding it difficult to do His will right?” he asked, almost childishly.
“Yes i am. God isn’t being fair. U are too inferior to me. Me to you?? It can’t work” I said with hate.
“I agree with you. Even i cant stoop so low to marry someone like you.” he replied
“what!” i exclaimed with pride. I was angry to the extent i was shaking from head to toe.
I have never been so embarrassed in my life. This lame guy talking to me anyhow, no way! It’s not God’s will, its hallucination.
I tried to stand up but i realised his hand was on my shoulder. I noticed he really had difficulty in bending.
Leaving aside my salvation for the moment, I threw his hand off my shoulders. He missed his step and down, he fell.
He let out a painful sound but i walked away as if nothing happened . He stretched his hands toward me to help him but I was hardened.
As i left the church, i turned back to look at him. He looked at me with a dropped jaw as a drop of tears streamed down his face.
My sanity returned a bit. I shuddered
God, what have i done! What is happening to me!
I quickly dialled Bro John’s number. He is a friend who lived close by.
He came in no time to rush him to the hospital.
As Dave hung down John’s shoulders in pain, he looked back at me with ‘You could do this!’ kind of look.
It wasn’t my fault right? I just got irritated by what he said. Plus… Its a hard thing to do shae!?
Whose fault is it really???

What really came over me!!!
I asked myself different ‘why’ questions. I was shocked at my behavior. I was not the kind of person to cause people pain, especially people with disabilities. I was always so conscious of them while dealing with them. But why this sudden behavior of mine?
As i laid on my bed, the scene of the whole incidence unfolded again. Tears welled up in my eyes and I knelt down to pray.
‘Lord i am sorry. I don’t want to regret it please forgive me...’
The room was blank! God wasn’t saying anything. I was so sad.
Then my phone rang…
It was Matt!
#*I hissed*#
Me: Hello
Matt: There hasn’t been any call from you since morning
Me: (irritated) If i didn’t call, you couldn’t?
Matt: Gosh! Lizzy, do you realize its me?
Me: (angry) " who are you by the way? "
Matt: wow!
Me: (coming to my senses) Matt, i am not in a good mood. When i am, i will give you a call.
Matt: Nice one! Nawa o! Hehehehe, Lizzy! Wonders shall never end. (he cuts the line)

I threw my phone on the bed, then i picked it up again.
I dialled Bro John’s number
Me: Bro John, thanks for the other time.
Bro John: No probs. He is in the hospital now tho. He has been admitted.
Me: Is it that serious?
Bro John: No. He was placed on some powerful painkillers. He is being observed now. He will be okay.
Me: I hope he isn’t angry with me?
Bro John: He just woke up few minutes ago. He asked after you when he did
Me: He did? Does he want to come? Are ladies allowed to enter?
Bro John: Sure. But its late now. Probably you should come tomorrow morning
I was so so happy! It was like very cold water poured upon the hotness of my heart. So soothing!
He isn’t angry with me. He wants to see me. Wao!
Wait! What’s wrong with you Liz?
Everything isn’t normal right?
Why are you being this joyful! Better call Matt now.
#That’s true o
I call for almost ten times and Mattt didn’t pick the call.
This has never happened. We had never exchanged words in anger and he picks my call.
My phone beeped
‘For these years that we have been together, i trusted you. But Liz, If you can’t submit to me, then, what’s the union for? I guess we have just been infatuated to each other. I know i love you but i am not convenient with us anymore. Lets end it. Matt.
I didn’t cry!
I heaved a sigh of relief that follows every movie that ends well. God is at work.
I slept so well that i dreamt. I gave the ring back to Matt over a meal. We laughed together and he introduced one girl to me. She was so beautiful.
‘lets see if something good comes out of the two of us.
She is Rita’
I was so happy for him. I woke up from the dream with smile. I knelt down and cried so well. I hadn’t loved anyone like i did Matt. We have our plans for the years ahead. We had a note where the plans were written, what the names of our children would be was there. He wanted just 2 kids, i wanted 8.
I cried so much that by 6am when my devotion started, i was too weak. I gathered up courage and strength from on high came upon me.
I got to the hospital at around 10am.
As i entered the ward, i muttered some words of prayer.
I looked up and saw Bro David. He looked at me and smiled broadly.
Very white and well arranged set of teeth! I thought.
I smiled back!…. #Faintly
Me: Can i call you Dave?
… Was the first question that left my mouth. He looked lost.
Me: except we don’t have to be friends.
He smiled again.
Awwwnnn, so nice!
“The devil is a liar. Call me Dave tho. That’s my name.”
We started talking. I helped in rubbing his knees, i told him i had been in a similar situation. He was happy with me. He told me of his accident which claimed the the lives of his parents who at that time had just come back from a vacation in Dubai.
We left the hospital together. He to his house and i to mine. # we exchanged our phone numbers…(smiles)
As i wanted to climb my bed, my phone beeped. I ran for it.
It was Dave's message,
‘If this is what an illness could do for one, then i should probably start falling sick regularly. Twas fun talking to you today. Tell me when to call so we can pray together before we sleep. #grateful heart’
I smiled happily and hugged my phone tightly.
‘I will do God’s will come what may’ i told myself.
I started typing a reply.
‘I am the happiest tonight too. You made my day.
If illness wouldn’t cause you pain, i would ask for you to be ill but i don’t want pain for you at all. You can call me now. I am available. #Icare
Gosh!!! What am i doing for goodness sake!
Isn’t this too outrageous!
I deleted it
Then i typed
‘Really, no problem Dave. God bless you. Call anytime’

It was a very great day today at the Jogor Center, Ibadan when together with our friends and family members we gathered to celebrate 10 years of God’s greatness in our home.
I got married to Dave three days after Christmas 2005 at one of the ancient looking but treasured halls in the United Kingdom- John Hopkins Tourist Centre
#I recounted that day to the amazement of everyone around. Everyone laughed when i told them this tale and Dave still teases me with it till date.
I got married to Dave with my hymen intact- shey you get? *smiles* So while In the church, i was sweating under chilling conditioned hall despite the winter season. No one understood why!
For goodness’ sake, no guy has ever seen my nakedness! How then would i cope with Dave and I alone in a room. Some friends said it would come naturally but i waited sha.
On getting home after the great day, we were very tired. We needed to sleep but i didn’t want to- i was shy.
So, we started prayer session… Lolzzz
Yes o! We were on our knees praying fervently while i peeped out of my tightly closed eye window to see the innocent guy praying hard. When i realized that it was more like a punishment than a spiritual exercise, i rounded off.
We showered… Separately! When he came back from the bathroom, i was on the bed fully clad though i knew the lavender scattered over scented beautifully were appealing. He kept avoiding eye contact with me… Ehyah.. My loving shy husband tho!
Me: Dave, goodnight
Dave: Oh.. Sure. You are tired right?
Me: (heart racing) aren’t you tired?
Dave: Sure. All can wait till morning
#Chai! What all?
Me: Ok goodnight
Dave: Alright dearie, I love you dearly
Me: thanks.
That should suffice so nothing ensues from there- i thought. He climbed the bed, covered us both with the lovely duvet and there was silence. I laid on my left side facing the west of the room and turning back, he was facing the east.
# what’s this? Doesn’t he love me? Even if i am playing hard to get couldn’t he talk it out with me?
Then i remembered the woman power! I started reversing gently. After like five shifts on the bed we bumped into each other. I screamed and jumped up. He sat up and started laughing. I was dazed
Me: You scared me jor
Dave: sorry dear but was that scary? You are now my wife o! Touch is allowed.
I looked at him like a child drenched in rain seeking shelter. I prayed that he didn’t touch me. He moved close to me, held my two hands together and whispered in my ears.
‘I already told you its not tonight. Whenever you feel confident, tell me. You are not the only virgin here you know. I have not married a sex driven beast!
I concluded as i saw the pure love in his eyes. I slept in that warm muscular embrace till dawn. I confirmed the ‘weather for two’ saying!
As i recounted the incidence, the hall was in a total round of laughter.
Dave laughed the more. Now i can laugh.
I forgot to tell you but Dave now walks!
After a major muscular ligament re-adjustment and other medical jargon stuffs, my hubby walks.
Also, we have two kids now- a boy and a girl- Eyinjuoluwa and Olaoluwa. I am trying all i can now to make sure i have more even if i can’t have up to the 8…*smiles*
We have big event centres in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt.
We have 3 ultra modern studio for photoshoot, acting and other engagements. In short, we are making it big. We are launching our transport business next week. 50 buses, 10 marcopolo and 20 mini buses have been purchased for the business start.
Lest i forget, I was supervising the goods arrangement in my newly opened supermart when an argument ensued between a customer and his wife:
Wife: why would you say you can’t carry the baby! I am pushing the cart, carrying the baby and holding my handbag. Its not fair o.
Man: Back your baby. Isnt that your responsibility? Why didn’t you drop your bag in the car.
Abeg, leave that matter jor.
Wife: At least we are outside pretend to be the gentleman you are not
Man:(turns to her abruptly) woman, be careful!
I rushed towards them and stepped into the situation.
It was Matt!
My Matt! Gosh! My so assumed angel has become a Mike Tyson at home. We sat over a meal and I gave them my token on advice. I was with a grateful heart. Thank God I didn’t miss it.
See, Dave loves me so much! Till today whenever i go out for even the slightest meeting, he would check on me. He still sends me flowers in my office. Even, he tells me of every lady or girl that approaches him. He is faithful to me. He notices every change in my body. He is sensitive to my pains. He plans surprises for us. I love him so dearly. He prays and plays with my children and I.
See, i have my advice to give to you.
If you are married and you are not enjoying it, you might be out of His will for your life, reconsider your way and find a way to start loving your spouse. Though an alternative can never be like the real, God can still help you.
If you are not married yet, see, God still speaks o. He has your missing rib with him- That’s what Dave calls me. Lol
Don’t choose by sight, wealth or even so called spirituality. Be close to him. The one you think isn’t the one might be the one. Be humble. You don’t need any prophet to determine who you would live with your entire life.
You are a
prophet yourself. Goodmorng.

Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.


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