I was once a Bully...

I'm sure the title came as a shock to some people - How this “Della” you know today was once a bully. Well, it’s true. Let me give you the full gist.

Growing up, I attended Leeland College, Oregun for my secondary education. While I was in Junior Secondary School (JSS) 1, I remember my first day in class where I met some of my mates from primary school and they were shouting my name with so much joy and a teacher was in class, they didn't bother.

As time went on, my seniors in ss3 were so cruel to is as punishments were metted out by Senior Tina who was the head girl. I didn't like the autocracy. It was everywhere. Even Js2-Js1, seniority acts were too much.

My friends and I remained rude. I was rude with them not because I was big o. The friends I followed gave me liver. They were BIG girls, chested and endowed. Me, I didn't have anything. Lol. I sha followed them, but I spoke most times.

Seniors sent juniors on errands without giving them money. That means, they had to buy it with their own money. This one weak me.

"This seniors have started again, they sent me to buy coke with my money" Toun said crying. I thought it was a joke until one senior Hillary walked up to me and said "buy me a plate of rice and a bottle of coke". Mehn, I just ran away and avoided him. My meal ticket was paid for the term already. I took only transport fare to school.

The one that finally made me rebellious in school was when senior Chima had the guts to come to my house to ask me out. I don’t know how he did it but he came when no one was around. I was in Js 3 then. I was a bit scared but trust me, I hid it. Till today, I dunno what gave him the guts.

I got to Jss 3 second term when Adetoun and I with some other girls formed a clique. We were six; Toun, Bisi, Taiwo, Debbie, Peace and I. We became activists in school and fought against seniors who bullied juniors. We practically bullied them. I remember we bear up a senior student for calling a junior student names. Lol. Remembering those times, I laugh.

After beating him up, we reported him to the proprietor and he was suspended. He was the scape goat for other seniors. Since then, seniors stopped tormenting juniors.

But, senior guys could not even ask junior girls out. We felt like champions. We taught them a serious lesson.

Did I forget to say I physically fought with all the boys in my class in Primary 5? We threw blows. Everyone in class because scared of me, and no one wanted to cross paths. I mean, I made up my mind never to be bullied again and I thought that the right way.

Well, I regretted these actions when I got to SS2 and Kingsley asked me to be his girlfriend. Kingsley is tall, handsome and intelligent. He's from a wealthy home too. But I said NO. I just came out with my friends and he just walked up to me confronting me angrily "why should you say NO!". It was funny to me and so i laughed and before I knew it, he punched me on my cheeks. Mehn! He was taller than me but I found my way to his face with repeated hot slaps and our fight started on the street.

After we finished, I ran home to wash my face and I started crying, my friends began to wonder why I cried and I explained to them that since I left Leeland, I promised myself never to fight again but it was here again.

Right there, I prayed to God to help me never to fight with anyone again. I didn't know God so much but I knew he answers prayers. And that was a full stop till now.

Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.

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