I Have Love

This is a post on how the lack of true love affects the Church today.

All names used in this story do not refer to anyone in particular.

Brother Sule and Brother Fakunle were sitted together. B Sule forgot his Bible at home and brother Fakunle thought "me I can't share my bible with this brother oo, he stinks a lot of and it affects my nostrils". Ah! Why can't you call him aside since all these days and tell him of a roll on you know?! If your neighbor has mouth or body odor, what stops you from helping out? Now bro Sule feels rejected.

Sister Adeola came to church without her headcover and the whole church uses their eyes to follow her to her seat like she took their sweets, wait! Will your eyes correct her?! After then Sister Adeola did not come to church again. Is the church growing?!

Sister Bamise and sister Folake were in the bus together, now they greeted and as they were about to alight, sister Bamise did not have change to give the driver and so he started raining curses at her, sister Folake just paid for hers and walked away. Now is that love??

Brother Keji was crying seriously in his room when Brother Brown walked in, Brother brown found his crying method funny and started laughing few minutes after he walked out without asking brother Keji what took tears from him! Now is that Love?!

Let me make something clear! I just used the sister brother thing! Unbelievers and believers, treat them both in love! Never scorn anyone because he or she is not a believer, naaah! God frowns at it! Jesus talked and related with Unbelievers, did it reduce his anointing?! No!
Please show love before the church of God will scatter and people will no longer find it easy to trace that Love.

Love, Love indiscriminately!

Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.

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