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Long time yeah? 

'Based on logistics', things happened and yeah, I'm back. Well... A lot has happened in a long while. Exams ended, I got home and met my ever happy family. It was awesome huh.... In a short while I've learnt something's from my six year old sister who has a great idea about what love is. She says love is when you're in need of not just material things but even emotionally, you have to pour out a lot and there's just this one person there who can give you whatever you long for. Love as she meant is when I can walk up to you for anything and sacrificially how can give and help out. I dunno where she learnt this from but I'm 20% sure she learnt it from a movie (yeah, I'm not too sure, she learns from anything!). As much as her definition of love seems romantic, I'd love to reckon this to God's love. You see, how large love is baffles me because from now till a hundred years to come, my description of love remains perpetual. God's love is indescribable, it gives me a greater picture on how well I can relate with my fellow beings. God is love. Love bears all, Love hopes for all things, Love endures all things, Love never fails, Love is perfect. Love is always there, Love never disappoints, Love never gossips, Love never hates,Love chastises. God still is all these. Yes. He told me. He showed me. Wawu! I suddenly changed this to a sermon? It was meant to be a gist. Lol... To wrap up,there's a lot in self development and growth in every aspect. I'm done with a session in school, and the next, I plan to walk it with God and plan solely with Him. I have passed and failed tests. Consequently, I plan to pass all with Christ who strengthens me.


Over the years, I've promised to be the best I can by letting God do the rest. I have seen what it means to be trampled upon and what it means to be praised. They are two different things. On Wednesday, I saw a senior lecturer humiliate a junior lecturer. The senior lecturer might not have seen it like that because he was probably in a hurry. What simply happened was, the junior lecturer wanted something to be signed (something that wouldn't take time), I just heard the senior lecturer shout "I'll sign it tomorrow please!", what for God's sake would it have cost him?! I refuse to be trampled upon o. Let's all aim for the best, soar high. Inferiority is a tag. Well, I chose to start today's gist with that ehn. How have we been? How's our family? How's the gist been so far? I hope you've been able to pick out a few things to learn?. Off to today's gist! I suddenly grew this close relationship with my roommates. They mean a lot to me right now. Is it because we'd be parting very soon? Well, I dunno. But... The love just grew. We see movies together, we gist and laugh together. My matter is theirs and vice versa. Its lovely right? Of course. We have our disagreement o but they never last. Its a room with the mixture of Muslims and Christians and we never religiously insult or affect each other. I'd talk of my roommates one after the other someday. Can you really imagine? I found out that two of my friends gossip and say negative things about me severally. I just couldn't say a word because I suddenly grew non challant about it. If they're gossipping about me and saying negative things about me it shows that I exist and the importance of me, goes a long way. But come, do I look too big to approach? If I wrong you, just tell me and let's bury it right there rather than hating and frying excess beef. Humans are just so surprising and perplexing. I'd just forget that biko! April 5,2017 as it were was my blogaversary! This blog clocked 1 year old! Its really exciting! Thanks readers for always been a part of this! I love you guys! Till the next gist, stay blessed!

Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.

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