Letters: Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

For so long I've stomached wishes and prayers for a bright family I want us to birth. From us, I want a family filled with love, laughter and life of which love is God. I want our children to see us and wish to just be like us in their old age with their own family.

I want us to love each other carrying outrightly the essence of our coming together. 

For everyday of your life till we emerge into the grey hair stage, I want fresh love. Love that never fades.

Often times, I've heard family crashing, children going haywire due to upbringing, poverty wiping families, and so on. But, I do not see ours in any of those categories.

I see us basking in the everlasting love of the Father, day by day. I see us with godly children who'd find God's love real in the family. Children who'd bring forth God's blessing in every area. Children who'd find our ministry as theirs. Children who'd love beans too like us (😂).

I want to love, trust and cherish you to, with me, bring up our children in the way of God and cause them to become arrows in God's hands.

I want to be far from you and still be close to you. I want to tell the world, I love you! I want us to find joy in kneeling and talking to God.

My Gift, I do not want to regret being with you. I do not want to regret whatever decision I make. I want you to make me stronger and together make more relevance.

I've lost these words for a long time. Until I searched through my heart, I did find them.

Eni bi okan mi, I love surprises😌. You'd be my number one celebrity after God and I'd be your Miss World.

I might not love you as much as I love God, but trust me, you'd be engraved in the deepest part of me.

We'd stay pure sexually till marriage and win souls for God together. We'd create more businesses and build orphanages.

We'd be wise in spending and also in timing. We'd do things according to God's will, burying our desires.

I'd be there for you, and you'd be there for me.

Your love,

Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.

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