This Duet Of Love

nelson vincent & adeola abayomi della

This Love is True
With two drunken masters.
One me, another you.
Let me hold your hand,
Or what do you say?

Do I know what to say?
I'm so drunk in this pool,
The pool of love,
With no other choice
Than to let you hold my hands to the deepest parts

Through coast and rivers
lands and seas
Tight and Glad I hold.
Our love is a fire pot
endlessly burning.

Let it burn forever
Let the vapour smell like frankincense
Let the nation know what
Let us dance round with merry.

It will burn beyond the future
and will never die.
This love is love.

This love has called ears to hear
It has called eyes to see
Of course this is our beginning
The beginning with no end.

This poem was written by two lovers who experience love fresher and fresher each day and decided to express their love towards each other.

Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.

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