Sometime this October, I launched From the Ashes, a short story of sexual abuse and rape. Launching for me has followed the most uneasy steps but the good news from every reader so far has been the icing on the cake.

From the Ashes by Abayomi Adeola
From the Ashes is the story of a young growing girl who in the course of her life suffers the trauma of a strange home and a failed society. Everywhere she turns, the system proves to be a box with no way out. She gets raped and sexually abused so many times that she begins to feel worthless.

I have not only chosen to write a cruel story and bring out the pictures to your table. I have instead specifically chosen to write this to point out the evils of sexual abuse and provide hope for the girl child.

Because of this, I will be launching copies of my book for #1,000