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When God gives you specific words, please, hold on to them. They might be funny and you won't understand them until you're ready for it. So, if God says he'd give you 500k and you find it unbelievable, it's because you're not ready for it. If God has said it, believe it and write it down.

One mistake we all make is that we're too 'time' conscious rather than 'season' conscious. So, while you're thinking about why that thing is coming late, God is thinking about how that's your season. It's not a punishment and it's not God starving you. It's just God's way of teaching you patience and teaching you to be sensitive to his ''when''.

 And yes, the time of the year is never too late for God's words to come to pass. He never lies and He won't start now! That word, still hang it there. It's coming soon. I was talking to a friend and explaining to her how a few friend of mine and I bent our heads so much in prayer to God for a change in so many things and God literarily made the change sporadic. I can't can!

God actually took us up and threw us up and the Law of Gravity didn't even work. Praying. Holding on to God's words. Trusting. July still looked blurr. Like, ''ain't we there yet, Father?''

The journey might seem long but it would be worth it after all. This year again, I had plenty issues with friends and if you know me well, I can be so spontaneous with friendships but two people 'close' to me did something that hurt me and practically threw me off balance. I started to doubt my trust for people and almost withdrew but I remembered God saying he was changing my circle. For me, it was pretty too unlike God.

But I took it and you know what, God's words never go ''Error 404''. I have friends I can compare to currencies. Friends that have given me a mindshift and have pushed me to aim for my best. If I continue with these friends, you might tell me ''Della, take it easy!'' because you won't believe your eyes! laughs in spiritual powers.

Never be scared to let friends go. Never be scared to leave excess loads. Maybe that's what would actually stop your ship from sinking. You need friends who would slap you up to destiny and a redefined set up in life. It's not a one man mopol battle. You need ''beautiful people'' who would pinch you into a reawakening into what God has prepared for you in the presence of your enemies.

Stop getting spoonfed! Get your hands dirty and rise up smiling. Stop saying ''Next year''! Say NOW! The instruction is ''Occupy till I come!''.

Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.


  1. Hmmmmmm! Just what I needed! Thanks for posting. Can't wait to start the "making money online" class (k)

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