61 Lessons from Becoming by Michelle Obama

After reading Becoming by Michelle Obama, I had a deep seated revelation of what it means to say your story, own your story and hold your narrative. It gives a kind of confidence and inspires you to do more.
When I heard that the documentary of Becoming by Michelle Obama would be out on Netflix, I was so excited. Never been that happy about a movie.
It wasn’t disappointing to watch. Rather, I saw a rounding up to 60 woman getting millions empowered by her voice and her story. It was amazing.
If you haven’t had the chance to watch it or you have, this is a compilation of 61 lessons I took out from the documentary.

1Have a source of inspiration.
2Stand for your Faith.
3Build reliable relationships.
4You don't have to keep together.
5Live for people.
6Let people who work with you feel comfortable.
7. Have fun.
8Own your story.
9Be Friendly.
10. Support people with word and countenance.
11. Take people as they come up.
12Pay attention to people and value them.
13You keep giving life at each stage.
14Never let anyone make you feel you think too big.Think Big.
15Never feel invisible,feel invisible.
16Do not wait for the world to be equal before you learn to use your voice.
17Don't let the world tell you that you ain't good enough.
18Defy the odds.
19Don't listen to those who say you don't belong.
20Instead of  “why me?” think “why not me?”
21. What seems ordinary - your highs and your lows is your power
22 You can meet your partner anywhere 
23. Don't judge people by what they have 
24. Don't follow stereotypes.
25. Challenge your partner and friends to be more
26. Surprise your partners often.
27. Your relationship is your partnership
28. Something has to give
29. Your happiness is not dependent on your partner making you happy.
30. Let your love be real
31. Talk about your love when you feel like
32. No matter what, people would still talk
33. Have somewhere you can call home
34. Make people feel loved
35. Never give up at the least.
36. Cherish the times you spend with people.
37. What makes you more than a stat is what you see yourself to be, see yourself as more than a stat.
38. Assert yourself until those insecurities become silent voices.
39. Shake up yesterday's mistake. It is a new day.
40.Take enough videos.
41. Try to make your children comfortable.
42. No matter the limelight, train your children to do basic things.
43. Turn fashion to a tool
44. Don't let your times shape who you would be.
45. God gives you platforms for a reason. Don't waste it.
46. Votes
47. Words matter
48. The higher you go, the higher you become
49. Find your life.
50. Keep doing what you are doing.
51. As you grow older, you keep asking questions about purpose and what next 
52. Take care of you.
53. You have a new chapter at very phase before you.
54. Dress your poise and be comfortable in it
55. Talk to people and make them hopeful.
56. Sharing your stories breaks barriers.
57. Dare to be vulnerable.
58. Be hopeful
59. Respect people and they'd do the same
60. Leave a legacy for people.
61. Be unafraid to live openly and joyfully

Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.

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