Shouldn't your parents see this?

Just today, an incident struck my memory to something that happened to me a while ago. I traveled to Ibadan, it been a long time I went there, I was so confused and sad about not knowing where to take bus or bike to my destination.
So with all that feeling of distress and worry of whether I alighted at the wrong place, I got to a park and met a traffic warder, "sir, where do I take bus going to Molete", I quickly asked "bawo ni awon omo eni ti baje (why are children of these days this rude) , you could not even greet before asking" he replied. "i'm very sorry sir, it won't repeat itself (obviously I wouldn't get to miss my way again)" I replied.
Something happened yesterday again, while the bus driver was collecting his charges from we the passengers, a particular lady gave him with her left hand and the next thing he did was to chastise her and told her the correct thing to do.
On Thursday night, a family man walked into the faculty of Law and in few minutes at about 7:35pm he was back with his daughter in his hands, wailing seriously after been beaten, she was crying and saying repeatedly "daddy e gbo ti enu mi"  (daddy hear my own side of the story). Women who sold things at the faculty at night came out to plead on her behalf but the next thing the man sought to say was "omo mi ni, to ba ti ku, ma siin" (she's my child, if she dies, I'd bury her). At this point while he was saying this, she was laying on the floor and she couldn't stand up but kept repeating those words.
I still stand my ground on that no matter what that girl has done, she never deserved that. Come off the African mentality!

What am I driving at?
Nowadays, our elderly ones tend to see these moral decadence and they won't correct you for either because of their ignorance or for their selfish reasons.
Some of them even go as far as insulting those children and make them feel condemned and incapable. They give these children strong emotion stab.
Some will not even say anything, when you now leave,  you'll start to hear murmurs behind you.
Some adult parents even slap!  Shocking?
Some elders slap kids who don't kneel completely to greet them
And then they'll say they are correcting us the way their parents did.
Thank God for the parents God gave me.
If my mum followed the world's principle of correcting children the way their parents did then I bet I would be a story in no time.
Treating your kids the way yours did?
Torturing them?
Injuring them? Starving them?
No! It doesn't work that way!
"Parents listen to your children;We are the leaders of tomorrow".
Please lead us aright... Correct us with extreme love.. We need it

Abayomi Adeola Della

Abayomi Adeola Della is a Life & Business Coach. She engages Content Development to bring ideas to life.


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    1. That's great. I hope you showed your parents too. Thanks for coming by dear. Thanks.

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