This Title Doesn't Matter

Have you heard? 
Abayomi Adeola Della

Noone will force you to believe in yourself
Noone will make you understand that there's a lot ahead of you
Noone will give you that firm support, humans fail. 
Noone will struggle with you, you are on your own

People will just advise you
People will just assist you
People will just tell you "I'll be there for you" 

Oh yeah right. 

Let me make you understand. 
You are who you are today because of what you thought sometime ago and what you feel you should be because as a man thinketh so he is. Believe in yourself. You can. Make it. The world holds on to what you have to offer. 
Don't make yourself useless. Don't feel you're too small to make it. 
These days, age doesn't speak for you. I know countless times I tell people my age and they believe I'm lying even till today. It's not because I have told them something else before but because I tend to define myself. I give myself NO limit. It should be the same with you. 

Let me tell you, Noone is looking at you, all they want is your outcome. Forget the friend thingy, forget the family thing, they believe in you fine! But that's not enough! Believe in yourself! 
You and your friends are not on the same lane and you don't have the same goals. You might sleep on the same bed but please you'll still have different dreams. 
Never look down on yourself and I promise you'll get to where God actually wants you to be. 
In the quest of believing in yourself, should I tell you that if you don't believe in God first, you can do absolutely NOTHING. GOD FIRST PLEASE!


  1. Thank you for this Della
    I'm not too young to want to know who I really am or what I am to do in my life