Happy New Month World!

Its August again! I'm a big fan of this month sha.

It's my month and I'm really excited about it!

August for me right from when I was kid has always been summer time when we went for summer classes, church camps, etc.

I really loved this month for that reason. One more thing, it was a season for me to once more celebrate my birth with few friends and family friends come around.

Most times, I had food in excess and few times, few friends to come around.

For one reason or the other; some traveled out to spend some time with their families, some didn't live around, some attended summer and got tired after to attend a birthday party, some were at home under lock and key, and so I had the small circle to celebrate with me.

I'm glad I got to this month August in 2017 again with you, you and you.

The same way I'm the blogger here, you're also my blog reader and that makes two to tango!

Thanks for always reading through and thanks for subscribing! Well, if you haven't, you can do that now at the top of your screen!

Consequently, we'll talk some teenage stuffs before I clock my last teen age!

Till then, ciao!