Poetry: Our Love Story

I walked up to her
Thinking that was all
She gave me her heart cry and I so thought I was in for it
I walked away

She ran back and said "I'm sorry"
I expected it, I walked faster leaving her on her knees
She crawled after

This time I held her up
Cleaned her up and made her bright again
She was forgiven!
She smiled

Then we continued in our journey of love.

Along we went,
She found a grocery store,
Left my behold.
I begged this time, be she left.

I waited, of course I did,
But she came out and went with her friends,
She kept me waiting,
I waited.

She left them soon,
So bad, she didn't come to me,
She left, I still waited,
Hoping for her return.

I heard a loud cry!
I knew she was the one!
Her friends left her
The groceries spoilt

All her frivolity seemed lost,
"oooowh!!! " She cried louder,
I couldn't watch her like that,
I went up to her.

" Why do you love me so?",
" I don't deserve your love!",
"Are you gon' accept me again? ",
We're thoughts I read on her face.

I approached her, she looked away,
In shame I guess
I whispered those same words,
"I'm always here for you"

I raised her up, washed her,
She was losing breath,
Almost dying,
Put in her my life once again,

Our love journey continued

Speaking the mind of Christ
Our love story
The SonsBride